Washington-Wabash CTA Station by exp

Last month, I spent some time photographing the new Washington-Wabash Station while I was in Chicago. It's the first station to open in the Loop in 20 years and its white, skeletal design is reminiscent of Santiago Calatrava.

The first set of images was shot at the platform level, showcasing the curves of the overhead canopy.

I then wanted to get a different point of view, so I shot from the previous station (first image below) and then from a train (other two images).

There's some interesting artwork inside the station, so I made sure I captured a few angles.

Capturing the station in its environment was really important at it is located in the heart of the Loop, Chicago's financial district.

One of my favorite features is the CTA logo on the elevators. It doesn't show up if you look at it straight on or without direct sunlight, but under the right conditions, it's gorgeous.

Finally, I wanted to photograph a few details for the stunning design, focusing on the contrast between the modern station and the older surrounding buildings.