The Bishop Strachan School by BNC Architects

Bogdan Newman Caranci Architects commissioned me to photograph the addition they designed for the prestigious Toronto school. Part of a larger master plan, this expansion phase brings a lot of new facilities to the school. 

This is one of my largest 2017 projects and it was a blast to photograph. The school let us include students in the photos, which made the shots so much more interesting.

The modern, yet conservative exteriors blend perfectly with the rest of the school. The use of glass is particularly beautiful at dusk.

The common spaces are stunning. The main lobby area features a green wall that was planted by the students. Collaborative areas can be found throughout the school. 

The classrooms are call IDEA Labs. Geared with technology, the labs are very open with large glass walls.

Besides the classrooms, the addition also includes an art studio and a rehearsal hall:

The two largest spaces are the theatre and the gym:

BSS Interior 23 2048.jpg