Vellore Village Library by ZAS Architects

Earlier this year, I got to photograph the new Vellore Village Library, designed by ZAS Architects. It’s a gorgeous addition to the existing community centre in Vaughan, ON.

The exterior shots are meant to capture the curves of the main facade of the building.

During my first attempt at shooting the library at dawn, I arrived only to discover it had rained recently and the skating area in front of the library was full of water. While it meant I had to come back to get the main shots, I decided to get creative and use that water to my advantage to shoot some reflections. The client ended up picking one of the images!

Vellore Village 33 2048.jpg

The interiors are definitely a highlight of the building. In most shots, the goal was to capture the curves and patterns of the ceiling.

While working in an environment open to the public, such as a library, I do my best to capture people using the space in a natural way. If I can’t get what I want, I may have to set myself in the shot (see if you can spot your photographer!).

The last space it the beautiful terrace overlooking the skating area and lawn. A great spot for parents!

Vellore Village 36 2048.jpg