The Ice Rink at the Gore Meadows Community Centre by ZAS Architects

In January, ZAS Architects reached out to photograph the new ice rink at the Gore Meadows Community Centre. They wanted to photograph it in winter conditions and there happened to be a snowstorm coming up. I schedule the photoshoot the day after the storm, and the weather cleared beautifully. Despite the deep cold, it was perfect conditions!

ZAS Architects also designed the community centre and its wood canopy, so I made sure to include it in several images:

The Ice Rink really glows at dusk, so I tried to capture as many angles as possible in that short amount of time. You can see a wide shot and a tighter angle below:

From inside the ice rink, you can really see the lamella structure.

Finally, a few aerial images to really put the rink in context with the rest of the community centre.