Pickering GO Pedestrian Bridge by Teeple Architects

This past winter, I had the pleasure to photograph the pedestrian bridge at the Pickering GO station for Teeple Architects. The bridge links the GO train station and the nearby mall, going over the 13 lanes of the 401 highway and about 6 train tracks.

Now, the highlight of the bridge is its lighting! This is why we planned a dusk helicopter flight to capture the bridge from the sky with the lights on. It’s amazing to see the bridge with the Toronto skyline far in the background.

Capturing the bridge from the ground took some creativity, as I had to navigate around the station, train tracks and highway. Fortunately, it was still possible to get a variety of point of views!

Of course, I had to capture interior images as well. The light is just beautiful inside, be it from the sun shining through the metal skin of the bridge, or the lighting at night.

Finally, the sculptural quality of the bridge was perfect for some detail images, and even some reflections!