U Condominiums by architectsAlliance

I’m happy to finally be able to share the images of U Condominiums that I photographed for architectsAlliance this past fall.

The two residential towers are located in a very dense area of Toronto, so it took quite some preparation to find good angles. After scouting, we decided to find an elevated point of view (image on the left below) to be able to capture the entire height of the towers. While getting access wasn’t easy, it was worth it!

The two towers are surrounded by a row of townhouses that create a nice courtyard. I captured the different spaces inside and outside the courtyard, at different times of the day:

The balcony cladding is an important feature, so I made sure to capture a few detail shots as well.

Finally, the client wanted a shot of the lobby of one of the towers. I made sure to shoot at dusk to have the best lighting and waited patiently to have a few people in the shot.