Aqualina at Bayside by Kirkor Architects and Planners

This summer, I had the pleasure to work with Kirkor Architects on several projects, including Aqualina at Bayside, a new condominium building on Toronto’s waterfront.

The location is challenging, as the building is surrounded by trees on the West side, water on the South side, and another building very close on the East side. To get a good elevation shot, I had to get access to an elevated position in the building across the park, which worked out quite well:

Aqualina 18 2048.jpg

For wide shots of the long side of the building, I captured a couple of options, from Queens Quay and from the park, making sure to capture the life of the neighborhood: cyclists, pedestrians, park visitors, etc.

The facades of the building have an interesting geometry that I tried to capture in different ways: from wide-angle elevation to showcase the patterns to angled shot to highlight the building’s shapes and volumes.

I couldn’t resists a detail shots of the blue and white facade, and its various patterns.


I also had the opportunity for an helicopter flight in the area, so I managed to capture a few aerial images of the building: